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First Orchard Planner - 100% more effective days

First Orchard Planner - 100% more effective days

  • £2000

This is an easy to use planner and journal that helps you get the success you deserve. You wouldn’t get in a car and start driving without knowing where you are going and it’s the same with business. Set yourself clear goals, document your successes and plan out your day. 

You are the unbroken chain of 3.5 billion years of evolution, whatever limiting beliefs you have about your potential exist only in the mind. Doubling productivity and directing energy towards a goal is easier than you think and will create success in your work, and in your life. 

Commit to this process and journal every day for at least 60 days and you will see stunning results. 

Remember only you can achieve your goals, stop making excuses, take responsibility, stay positive and most importantly take action.

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